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To achieve high success in life, you need: 1. A clear understanding of the world you live in. 2. An understanding of how top gain the edge you need to successfully compete. 3. The development of a positive attitude - an essential for success.
Since we are redeemed from the curse of poverty, why is that so many Christians are still experiencing poverty and lack. It's due to them committing destructive practices that lead to poverty. In this lesson Dr. Sesley innumerates these practices and how to change.
The Bell No Longer Rings Nehemiah 8:10 “do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” (NIV)
Historically, God has been faithful in fulfilling every one of His promises - He began fulfilling this particular one from the moment Jesus resurrected, over 2000 years ago; therefore...
An unfortunate fact of life is most people will be severely hurt by a close friend. If you are not careful, anger and bitterness can destroy a great portion of your life. This article will provide some helpful guidelines to this problem.
There are varying opinions about how large a local congregation should become. In this powerful series, Dr. Sesley taught us what the Word of God has to say about the subject. This is one lesson in the series. To obtain the Cd's of this series please check our online bookstore.
During these tough financial tiems, God has provided answer to all who will listen.Dr. Sesley will be teaching from his latest book entitled: God's River of Prosperity!
Each Easter, in churches all across America and around the world, Jesus is raised up again and again. However why did He rise? For that matter why did He die? He died to redeem us from, sin and hell itself. But what else? Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law! In this message Dr. Sesley shows how poverty and lack are part of the curse of the law, and we the body of Christ are redeemed from it, glory to God!
Recently someone said to me that they had a problem with pastors who wanted their churches to become large. They said that if every church became a mega church, then there would be no more small family churches. Because most people who were raised in church probably grew up in a small church, a church under 200 members, there may be many who feel this way. But does God have anything to say about all of this?
Christianity is unique and differs from all man-made religions. The Bible tells us that Jesus was "resurrected" and that our salvation is strictly by faith
No matter what I'm thinking about or whose book I'm reading or who I'm listening to, when I think about God everything . . .
We dwell in a very confusing world. One fact is obvious though: sickness is real in our world and all of us sooner or later face an illness or another. Some are quickly healed, others take longer and others never get healed. Some blame it on genetics. Others blame it on the environment, and still others blame God. Who is right in all this? The Bible is the only true source who can reveal this to us. Let us open God's Word and find out!
In this lesson you will learn that besides faith, God does require you to have integrity in order to receive from him. Many believers are not aware that certain things that they do may hinder them from receiving from God. Although they may see other Saints doing and acting certain ways, that does not justify their behavior with God. So I hope after you have read this lesson you will understand better how to receive from God.
HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT:Focusing on WORD studies Put what you are reading/studying in proper CONTEXT.
This is one of the most important messages Dr. Brodie has taught on, it is a very important message for the church today. It shows that our act of worship is not just what we do on Sunday mornings or evenings, but what we do for the rest of our week as well! For what good is singing to God in what we call 'times of worship' if for the rest of our week, we live as we want, and not how God wants?
PRAYER & FASTING Prayer and fasting was a frequent and common practice among Gods people in both the Old Testament and New Testament.
If you are going to mature or develop in Christ Jesus you will have to be rooted and built up in His Word. In this lesson, Dr. Brodie teaches on maturing and operating in your Christian walk, so you can develop spiritually.
In this lesson Dr. Mannie L. Brodie teaches how God responds to faith and faith alone, and why it is critical for us to understand how to walk in faith. What faith is and more importantly, how to develop your faith.
In order to have a proper foundation in studying the Word of God, it is important to realize and understand that we are all builders and we are all being built. This principle applies to both saints and sinners, believers and non believers. Acts 4:11-12. Romans 15:20. 1st Corinthians 3:12. Galatians 2:18
Did God really choose some for heaven and others for hell? Can God be refused? Did Christ only die for the elect. Does the NT teach Calvinism or did Calvin teach the Bible? Here's my take!
The ministry is always about people, relationships and serving, and not about power, programs and buildings
Is social drinking okay for Christians or does the Bible teach abstinence? Is drinking in moderation allright as long as I don't get drunk? This study will give you a simple, but comprehensive view of the "whole counsel of God" regarding this important social issue
The key to this issue is a firm belief of Preservation and a basic understanding of the correct Manuscript Source
Wright Enterprises, Jackie Wright was on hand for the Dallas International Film Festival, covering once again for LaHitz Media. The festival included Jackie Robinson's daughter, Sharon Robinson at a special screening of "42," another posthumous acknowledgement of legend Larry Hagman; living film industry legends, former Paramount Studios CEO Sherry Lansing and celebrated director William Friedkin who have been married since 1991 were honored. "I was so awe struck seeing their love and respect for each other. It was the most stunning given the Hollywood environment in which they work and live,"said Wright. Wright's article will be posted soon. In the meantime, see the news release wrap up of all the highlights and honors. Congratulations Lynn McBee, Lee Papert, James Faust and all the leadership, staff and volunteers of the Dallas Film Festival and Dallas International Film Festival.
Musician Marcus Shelby and Visual Artist Flo Oy Wong are collaborating on a performance presented by the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center, Gwah Guy: Crossing the Street (a part of the Flo Oy Wong's 75th birthday celebration), on June 7th and 8th, 2013 at ODC, 351 Shotwell Street in San Francisco. Tickets and more information are available at
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