Article Library of Christian Thoughts December 17, 2018
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As Christians we are to be the "salt of the earth." However, the world is a constant corrupting influence that can destroy the saltiness of our lives.
Immorality is rampant across our world with no end in sight. The immorality appears to be rapidly increasing and not decreasing. It could, however, be changed. It could stand if we were to decide to follow the ways of the Lord instead of the ways of the world.
Our culture and our society, expects Christians and Christian leaders to live up to what they profess.
Letting go of the things of this world, in order to grab hold of all God wants to give you, is the wise thing to do.
It may take a week to rid yourself of the smell of a skunk. However, without the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus it is impossible to get rid of the smell of the world.
You may never stand in the pulpit and literally preach a sermon, but every day of your life you will preach sermon after sermon, with how you live out your life.
Compared to the glories of Heaven our involvement in so many activities down here on Earth are simply frivolous.
The world and the devil are doing a fantastic job of appealing to the fleshly lusts and they have a lot of help.