Article Library of Christian Thoughts · December 15, 2018
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This article provides historical information and perspectives on the history of Georgia related to injustice.
In Luke chapter 8 verse 11, Jesus compares the word of God to a seed planted in soil. As Jesus told the parable of the soils to the disciples, He described how different types of soil responded to the seed of the word in different ways. Just as we would prepare the soil of a garden in order to grow healthy plants, so the “soil” of a particular city or region needs to be prepared in order to see the seed of the gospel take root and bear fruit. It doesn’t make sense to throw seed on concrete, so why do we think seeds of the gospel will bear fruit when thrown out in an environment that has not been plowed and cultivated spiritually? To read the remainder of the very helpful article follow the link -- and have fun digging into the spiritual terrain of your community.