Article Library of Christian Thoughts ∑ December 15, 2018
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How much patience do you show to those who donít understand and question your belief in Jesus? Think about using powerful words and simple questions to help them understand.
Many use the words praise and worship in the same breath or interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. But there are differences between the two words.
Treating others as Christ did is a beautiful form of worship to our most worthy God. But to act this way, we must allow ourselves to be continually transformed by Him.
In a complicated and noisy world, the simple silent act of one unnamed woman in Luke sets an example of how we should worship.
Cari Bousfield discusses the dangers of false grace and how it prevents us from walking in true freedom.
Jesus shows us how to live an intentional life that prioritizes and practices what is important to the heart of God.
Do not let the spiritual gifts within you remain unopened. Take them out and use them to bless others and point people to Jesus.
Just like God gives us spring following a winter season, He also gives us renewal and rediscovered purpose following a difficult season in life.
What if life is a fairy tale about to come true? One day our Prince will lead us into our happily ever after.
Those in the early church struggled with sin just as we do today. And just like them, we too can become a new creation in Christ.
Follow these four steps to get unstuck, activate change in your life, and move to what the Lord next has in store for you.
When you are faced with circumstances beyond your control, you can still experience the peace of God by choosing to not worry, praying, and giving thanks.
Cari struggles with a heart defect and her daughter has cerebral palsy. Her study of healing in the Bible has convinced her that God desires to heal us.
Whatever our situation, we can choose to believe God is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do.
Developing confidence in the character of God takes depending on Him deliberately, even when our hope is weary and worn.
Setting theology to music, old and familiar hymns eloquently describe Godís character and our need for Him in all circumstances.
God places people in our lives that need to hear what He has done for them. He calls his faithful followers to share the Good News and bring in the harvest.
We cannot suspend ministries or service until we feel up to it. Godís great love compels us to continue loving and blessing others no matter how we feel.
Gardens offer hopeful reminders every spring and summer that God will not forsake us. But just as a garden needs to be cultivated to grow, so does our spirit.
Sometimes we find ourselves in seasons that seem to stay stuck, no matter what the clock or calendar say. If we're not open, we can risk missing what God has for us in that season -- and risk missing His call to spring forward.
Next time you hear of a heartbreaking situation in someoneís life, simply send up a prayer. Who they are or where they are simply will not matter. I guarantee it will bring peace to your heart Ė and, most likely, theirs too.
It is not enough to just believe; we must love and show the fruit and evidence of our salvation. So what does it mean to put your faith into action? One way to act out your faith is to love others.
JOY International's mini conference on October 13, 2012 - Prayer, Care and Share - trained more than 50 women on three foundational aspects of sharing one's faith: praying for oneself and others; taking concrete steps in caring; and sharing stories, both listening to someone else's and explaining God's story and plan in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Digging deep into the Word of God transforms and renews your mind, empowers you for witness, and equips you for service. See how it will change your focus from looking inward at yourself to upward at Christ and outward at others.
Is there an obstacle you have to overcome before you can flourish in life? Where do you need to be more intentional in order to thrive as a Christian? Remember, God wants you to have an abundant life in Him, and He equips us to this end.