Article Library of Christian Thoughts · December 17, 2018
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A few weeks ago, my Pastor told us that the Lord had given him that 2012 would be "The Year of the Prosperous". Not only did I receive that but automatically I began a pursuit to find out what prosperity really was. I found out the following after studying...
Jesus knows about all of our worries and how we worry about our money. He has the foolproof place to put your money where it will always be safe.
Spending on Christmas gifts seems to pose the greatest challenge—usually for no long-term benefit. For instance, what were the three most memorable gifts that you received for Christmas last year? Can’t remember? I assure you that the people to whom you gave gifts will have the same problem recalling them. So, if the gifts are not that easily recalled why put yourself in the position of having to remember them each month when you make that credit card payment? Why give a gift that keeps on costing? Instead, give something simple from your heart. Learn more inside...
To avoid the hazards of greed during uncertain economic times we must lean upon the wisdom and guidance of God.
The possessions and resources that we have are never completely safe here on earth. However, all that we store up in Heaven will be eternally safe with the full guarantee of God's Word.
Our lives as Jesus points out, does not consist of how many material possessions, or how much money we have. Surely life is about more than that!