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The prenup is one of the most unromantic conversations that make both people seriously uncomfortable and will even be seen as a red flag. As a follow-up to Part I of this article, here are 7 factors to consider if your romantic partner asks you for a prenup or you yourself are mulling it over.
Marriage between two people is the closest relationship on earth and is compared to Christ’s love for us.The important thing to remember is that your Heavenly Father has all the materials of loving attitudes, words and actions necessary for you to build a stronger bridge of love to your husband. The joy you’ll find in the Lord and the fulfillment you can experience in your marriage will make any effort to build that bridge of love worth it all.
Marriage can be either a miracle or a mess—a little bit of heaven or a little bit of—well, you know. The last two studies were a challenge to us men. Now it’s time for the same encouragement and challenge to women. Whether you are married, hope to get married, or happy to be unmarried, this lesson can help you see how God intends marriage to be a miracle.
Marriages are meant to be miracles. Instead, many marriages turn out to be nightmares. Why? I believe building a marriage is like building a house. The house needs a firm foundation. So does the marriage.Jesus Christ is the only sure foundation that can turn any marriage into a miracle.
It is harder today to have a solid, scriptural marriage relationship than ever before. The competition for our attention is enormous. Materialism has caused many Christians to attempt to keep up with their neighbors. Many men have married their jobs—often at the expense of their marriage.
No, it is not easy today to have a solid, scriptural marriage relationship. The competition is enormous...
A lifetime commitment before God and witnesses. Utter loyalty to your vows. Good times and bad. Bill paying and dirty diapers. When he/she takes your breath away at night and has bad breath in the morning. Agreements and conflict. And viewing the word “divorce” as a 7 letter curse word that won’t come out of your mouth—ever!
My name Alcolya St. Juste and I will use this blog to update the public on my take on the ever changing laws and court rulings which effect a variety of legal areas. These blogs should not be construed as legal advice, they are presented only as informational material and are solely one opinion, however not a legal opinion, regarding any specific issues. If you are in need of legal assistance you should consult with an attorney of your choice. If you would like to contact our office for legal assistance, feel free to call us at (561) 370-7437. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, experiences and knowledge with you all. Check back frequently for new postings.
Marriage is important to God because it reflects His relational image in the Trinity. This article discusses some of the unique challenges to the sanctity of marriage within our society as well as some practical ideas to strengthen our marital relationships.
Today I saw what I think was a black widow spider hanging from the rafters in the Art Annex. First off, I do not like spiders. They're cool to look at inside of a terrarium, but once they're out and about and have the potential to land on me, I'm not alright.
I will begin each dating relationship with a "tennis-ball" load of questions. Once I have found someone who meets my "dream" list, I will date him using these guidelines for conversation(Gresh)
The truth is I stopped allowing myself to become lonely a long time ago. I've come to understand that anyone that is lonely before they get married will be lonely in marriage...
Columnist V. Knowles shares on how lightly society stresses marriage and family. Well, it's the bedrock of any civilization.
From Hollywood's Monster-in-Law to horror stories we hear from our friends to divorce court episodes about "mama's boys" or, worse, incidents of abuse at the hands of meddling mothers-in-law, it seems this issue may be a real cause for concern.
God honors the covenant of marriage and He has shown us repeatedly that He is for us. He has surrounded us with friends, family, Pastors who build us up and encourage us to hold on to the covenant.
Are you suffering from limitation of sight? Has your view been obstructed? Maybe you're wearing Desperation Blinders.
Have you ever spotted an exotic, international beauty with a run-of-the-mill Joe the Plumber type and wondered, "How did he ever score her?" For decades, she'd be called a mail-order bride. Now, international matching agencies are becoming more popular during the advent of online dating and social networking. What are the pros and cons on mail-order marriages?
Married 11 years, Shawn and Joneen share their lessons thus far in marriage. In The Dirty Little Word in Marriage, they take a look at an often misunderstood but vital component of marriage.
Many of us desire to one day be a wife and we plan our weddings before the groom even arrives. While that is great, many have planned their weddings without preparing to become a wife.
I do believe for some marriage may not be a part of God's purpose for their lives. However, to keep it real, if most single women would take a look at the true desires of their heart, it will reveal they really desire to be married.
Two prominent Christian leaders—Juanita Bynum and Ted Haggard—appeared on the reality show DIVORCE COURT. Bynum—a televangelist, prophetess, singer and author—is best known for empowering women to pursue spiritual maturity. Known as a champion of healthy relationships, Bynum recently divorced her husband Bishop Weeks in a high-profile case that included allegations of domestic violence. Haggard pastored New Life Church, a mega church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A successful preacher and head of the National Association of Evangelicals, Haggard revealed in 2006 that he was involved in a three-year affair with a male prostitute. Bynum first appeared on DIVORCE COURT in April 2008; Haggard (accompanied by his wife, Gayle) turned up in April 2009. Both Bynum and Haggard spoke about their troubles and healing processes. They also counseled litigants on the show.
Are you standing up for what you believe as a Christian? Are you the salt of the earth and the light of the world?
It was a good life in the Garden of Eden. Every day God would stop by and walk with Adam and Eve. Can you picture it? Hanging out in the garden. Picking fruit to eat that was luscious was easy. Fruit was everywhere. I imagine the temperature was perfect. There was just the right amount of sun, water, and other elements. It was absolutely perfect.
Websites like offer a new way of arranging marriages for members of strict Eastern religious sects.
Without revisiting everything about our marriage, I can simply say that I rarely, if ever, considered AJ’s interests. Now don’t confuse my caring for her, protecting her and providing for her as looking out for HER interests. I don’t know that I ever asked her what her interests were, at least, not in the beginning of our marriage...