Article Library of Christian Thoughts · December 17, 2018
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I was a Marine having just arrived on a tiny Pacific island called Okinawa. That's when Jesus came to me in my emptiness and loneliness and became so real I thought I was touching Him.
Remember, loneliness can be the heart’s way of reminding us that we are really lonely for more of the Lord. When you realize that, you’ll see why loneliness can be a blessing used by God to help you grow stronger in Him.
You and I will know lonely moments. For some, loneliness seems to last for an eternity. Loneliness can kill. But if you know how to look beyond that emotion and feeling that leaves you drained, you will find the outstretched arms of Jesus inviting you to another perspective. That’s when you will discover, as I have many times, that loneliness can actually be a blessing in disguise.
For many people, loneliness eats like a cancer. So many things can leave terrible loneliness. The death of a mate or other loved one. The heartache of divorce. Learning one has an incurable disease.From America to Argentina to Austria—from Zaire to Zambia to Zimbabwe—people from every nation suffer from terrible loneliness.
We do not have to be lonely because God has provided a way for us to be so interconnected with others and Him that loneliness becomes a faded memory.