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To achieve high success in life, you need: 1. A clear understanding of the world you live in. 2. An understanding of how top gain the edge you need to successfully compete. 3. The development of a positive attitude - an essential for success.
What are the differences between kizomba dance and its more sensual and percussive cousin tarraxinha from Angola?
Nelson Mandela, whose birthday is today, and we remember him for languishing in a Robben Island prison for 27 years then getting out to run his country of South Africa. Great men think alike.
Historically, God has been faithful in fulfilling every one of His promises - He began fulfilling this particular one from the moment Jesus resurrected, over 2000 years ago; therefore...
This is page one of three pages of the Weekly Bulletin of the Jamaica Queens Wesleyan church. Please click on the link.
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This is page three of three pages of the Weekly Bulletin of the Jamaica Queens Wesleyan church. Please click on the link.
There are varying opinions about how large a local congregation should become. In this powerful series, Dr. Sesley taught us what the Word of God has to say about the subject. This is one lesson in the series. To obtain the Cd's of this series please check our online bookstore.
Thousands gathered in San Francisco for the inauguration of London Breed, the City's First Black Female Mayor. With video greetings from San Francisco's First Female Mayor, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Kamala Harris, Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congresswoman Jackie Speier, the festivities were blessed by Rabbi Beth Singer of Temple Emanu-El and Dr. Amos Brown of Third Baptist Church as they declared Mayor London Breed the 45th Mayor of San Francisco is an answer to prayer.
W.E. Spotlight E-News Community Newsletter highlighted Monday's San Francisco Interfaith Council's Announcement of the Prayer Service for Mayor Elect London Breed; News of media management changes at KPIX; Reminder of The African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council's announcement of $6 million in funding available to help stop Black deaths due to smoking; San Francisco Black Film Festival's reminder of SF MOMA's Modern Cinema: "Black Powers: Reframing Hollywood, July 12-29th and more.
Clergy from across the state and nation have been invited to attend the special prayer convocation in honor of San Francisco Mayor-Elect London Breed. Those who cannot attend are sending representatives such as, Bishop Mark Holmerud, head of the Sierra Pacific Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America which covers central and northern California and northern Nevada supporting over 180 congregations and 43,000 baptized members. Reverend Greggory L. Brown of Miracles of Faith Community, Church ELCA will represent Bishop Holmerud at the service. The San Francisco Interfatith Council will host the special service at Third Baptist Church which is led by Dr. Amos Brown, a former San Francisco Board of Supervisors member appointed by former San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. during his first term as Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco.
During these tough financial tiems, God has provided answer to all who will listen.Dr. Sesley will be teaching from his latest book entitled: God's River of Prosperity!
San Francisco Commissioner, LaVaughn King, who has worked over ten years in grassroots efforts to help eliminate stigma around receiving mental health care, working with groups like NAMI, National Alliance of Mental Illness and others, shares e-news that can give insights to help individuals and families. As Community Leader, King's work encourages families and individuals to get the help that is available through the San Francisco Public Health Department and other resources. Working with SFPHD professionals like Wanda Materre, King has provided film screenings, lectures and other community gatherings to help prevent or resolve mental health crises.
Join Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly (C.A.S.E.)to gain valuable information on Housing Services, Assistance Programs, Housing Subsidies, Tenant Rights, Roommate Referrals and much more! Monday, July 9, 3:00pm, Presentation Day Health, 301 Ellis St, San Francisco
Each Easter, in churches all across America and around the world, Jesus is raised up again and again. However why did He rise? For that matter why did He die? He died to redeem us from, sin and hell itself. But what else? Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law! In this message Dr. Sesley shows how poverty and lack are part of the curse of the law, and we the body of Christ are redeemed from it, glory to God!
Do you remember all the talk of draining the swamp and the arrival of a new day in Washington---the stench of business as usual disappearing over the horizon with the heralded appearance of the gentleman from New York? Are we turning backwards?
San Francisco Mayor Elect London Breed & Former Mayor Brown Honor Rev. Cecil Williams of Glide at SFAAC Dinner & $6 Million on the Way to Help Save Black Lives From Smoking Deaths; The African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council (AATCLC) is pleased to announce an estimated total funding amount of $6,705,540 is available; See this and other news, such as "Film director Ava DuVernay is currently working on a TV adaptation of Octavia E. Butler's dystopian novel Dawn (1987)."
You are all invited to the next San Francisco Veterans Town Hall Collaborative on June 27, 2018 to learn about some of the issues facing our veterans, to hear about the resources, programs, and benefits available for our veterans and military families and to network with fellow vets. Your Host: Carlina Williams, USN Veteran, American Legion Member, Post 505 Member and One Vet One Voice Veterans Outreach Coordinator.
HUDS new smoke-free rules go into effect July 31st. This informational webinar will discuss the details of the new smoke-free rules as it pertains to the African American community residing in public housing. San Francisco's Carol McGruder of The African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council will be among national leaders discussing what it all means for Black residents of public housing during Monday, June 25th, 11:00 EST live webinar.
The African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council (AATCLC) is pleased to announce that the California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) is re-releasing an RFA (Request for Application) to potentially fund (4) African American/Black Regional Initiatives to Reduce Tobacco Related Disparities in our population. This is a significant initiative as these are five-year regional grants with an estimated total funding amount of $6,705,540.
The San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce presents the Juneteenth 2018 Business Forum & Awards Dinner on Friday, June 22, 2018. This year's event features a tribute to Rev. Cecil Williams, Co-Founder and Minister of Liberation of the legendary Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco. The tribute includes special remarks by Former San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown and Mayor Elect London Breed.
San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell and Mayor Elect London Breed issued a joint statement concerning the U.S. Government's policy of separating children as young as infants from their parents. The Trump administrationís zero-tolerance policy to illegal migrants or asylum seekers caught crossing the border between Mexico and the United States instituted in May has created a man made disaster and crisis of spirit.
Today, June 21, 2018 the Interfaith Council of San Francisco takes a stand by taking to its knees in a vigil to denounce the treatment of immigrant families by U.S. Government officials at the border between the United States and Mexico.
After days of back and forth she leads he leads, gracious statesman, Mark Leno concedes that his campaign would not have the steam to overcome London Breeds lead with the remaining ballots. San Francisco has its first Black Female Mayor, a historic moment in time after Breed stood in after the untimely death of Mayor Edwin Lee in December 2017. In a matter of weeks, backroom deals at City Hall stripped Breed of serving as Interim Mayor for the few months leading up to the June election. In spite of what some felt was an unjust setback twice voted Board of Supervisor President, London Breed took back the crown jewel of the City's highest office. Congratulations Madame Mayor!
Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight highlights the politics of San Francisco's yet to be decided Mayoral Race, The San Francisco Black Film Festival XX with friends such as The Commonwealth Club and Sony Pictures Classics, and other community news. Get the details!