Article Library of Christian Thoughts · December 16, 2017
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To achieve high success in life, you need: 1. A clear understanding of the world you live in. 2. An understanding of how top gain the edge you need to successfully compete. 3. The development of a positive attitude - an essential for success.
A legacy of concern for affordable housing, a warm open heart and a loving family and supporters are touted among Mayor Edwin Lee's treasures left behind as he died so unexpectedly. News Conference is slated for today at City Hall at 10 a.m.
There are some things that seem totally unrelated but can start to wire (or rewire) our mind for marriage. Life coach Tobi Atte shares his list of 7 things that any single can start doing in order to prepare for holy matrimony.
Some are trying hard to convince us that in order to get things done, to be effective, we must be coarse, nasty, unkind, inconsiderate, obtuse and combative.
There are some practices within one's day-to-day, natural living that you must put in place in order to stay celibate. Here are 4 reasons why Christian women need to dance kizomba.
This is page one of three pages of the Weekly Bulletin of the Jamaica Queens Wesleyan Church. Please click on the link.
This is page two of three pages of the Weekly Bulletin of the Jamaica Queens Wesleyan Church. Please click on the link.
This is page three of three pages of the Weekly Bulletin of the Jamaica Queens Wesleyan Church. Please click on the link.
Let's come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus and bring your family and friends for a great time of worship.
Historically, God has been faithful in fulfilling every one of His promises - He began fulfilling this particular one from the moment Jesus resurrected, over 2000 years ago; therefore...
Anh Lę: "Let us not forget our belief in and the value of the sanctity of human life. Let us remember the value and sanctity of Ms. Kathryn Steinle's own life.
Soap-on-a-rope and man size Kleenex. These are the most memorable Christmas gifts I received when I was 17 years old. In fact, the memory of them still elicits a strong emotion in me. That year was a particularly challenging year for me. I was...
Chairman Charles Blanchard, III, states National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations will not seek after Presidential recognition for the legendary Buffalo Soldier- Colonel Charles Young. Blanchard’s commitment to the preservation and promotion of Black Military History is seen in his comments recently preceding San Francisco writer Anh Lę's critique of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s “Vietnam War.” National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations marches on in its efforts to promote Black Military History and legendary Buffalo Soldier, Colonel Charles Young. Read and consider Blanchard's editorial: “We do not need President Trump to honor our Own.”
Your generosity means so much that’s why you continue to support our ministry, fighting for the causes that are dear to your heart. Will you prayerfully consider a generous gift to help meet our year end goal of $100,000?
There are varying opinions about how large a local congregation should become. In this powerful series, Dr. Sesley taught us what the Word of God has to say about the subject. This is one lesson in the series. To obtain the Cd's of this series please check our online bookstore.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around San Francisco. Thanks to Attorney Karen Gilbert, President of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women San Francisco Chapter and Dr. Maxine Hickman, First Vice President, Immediate Past President of the San Francisco Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women and National Board Member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women for passing on this great information to Wright Enterprises about Holiday Happenings in San Francisco.
During these tough financial tiems, God has provided answer to all who will listen.Dr. Sesley will be teaching from his latest book entitled: God's River of Prosperity!
Unseasonable words have a debilitating effect on our well-being. Here is why Trumpisms hurt and should be replaced.
An open letter to the biological or self-appointed parents, uncles, aunties, friends, and pastors who pressure singles about marriage.
On Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving. Please take a few minutes to thank the families of America's fallen heroes for their sacrifice. In the next few days, please take two minutes to write a few words of inspiration and thanks that will be read by the families of America's fallen heroes. Please send your message to:
Lorraine Hansberry Theatre's "Soulful Christmas" Tickets are on Sale for the Holiday Run December 14-23, 2017. "Soulful Christmas," a rip-roaring gospel good time sure to inspire everyone is a fan-favorite in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I was a certified mechanic with The Brunswick Bowling Corporation working in Pla-Mor Lanes. Later I became a certified English teacher and taught at Agassiz Junior High School. My wife and I served on God’s Volunteers later known as New Day. After graduating from the seminary in Sioux Falls I became a pastor and served NAB churches in South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri and New York. My wife and I have four grown children and nine grandchildren.
I was reading an article recently that talked of the importance of saving for retirement. It recommended saving ten percent, or more, of your current pay check. I don’t ...
Each Easter, in churches all across America and around the world, Jesus is raised up again and again. However why did He rise? For that matter why did He die? He died to redeem us from, sin and hell itself. But what else? Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law! In this message Dr. Sesley shows how poverty and lack are part of the curse of the law, and we the body of Christ are redeemed from it, glory to God!
Wright Enterprises posts news courtesy of Roberto Y. Hernandez and Carnaval announcing the film benefit "Dolores" at the Brava Theater, November 26, 2017 highlighting the Carlos Santana and Peter Bratt film production of the "Revel, Activist, Feminist," Dolores Huerta.