Article Library of Christian Thoughts · April 21, 2018
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To achieve high success in life, you need: 1. A clear understanding of the world you live in. 2. An understanding of how top gain the edge you need to successfully compete. 3. The development of a positive attitude - an essential for success.
Kickstart your dreams. Find out how at a Workshop with Madelyn Mackie 4/26/18 sponsored by the National Black MBA Association-San Francisco Chapter!
News Courtesy of the National Coalition of Black Veterans Organizations...Wilberforce University to bestow Honorary Doctorate Degree on the legendary Buffalo Soldier and Educator - Colonel Charles Young.
The curtain rises on “Solitary Man: A Visit to Pelican Bay State Prison," Saturday, April 21, at 3 p.m. The performers, Charlie Hinton and Fred Johnson, are ready to bring you the play they’ve toured around the country to their biggest venue yet, the Black Repertory Group Theater, 3201 Adeline, Berkeley.
The Barbara Lee and Elihu Harris Lecture Series presents Danny Glover Thursday, May 3, 2018 7pm Cathedral of Christ the Light, 2121 Harrison, Oakland. RSVP 510 434 3988 Co-presented by the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center and the Peralta Community College Distric
Executive Director George D. Saxton shares upcoming news. Read what's next for the San Francisco-Ho Chi Minh Sister City Committee.
Kendrick Lamar is the first hip hop artist to win the music Pulitzer Prize. He was awarded this 100-year honor, that most associate with achievements in journalistic excellence, for his 14-track "Damn."
Fifty years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, columnist V. Knowles sits down to have a conversation with Brendt Hill, a man who identifies as a Black American and has lived through the pre and post-civil rights era in America. He believes the dream has not been realized.
Tax season can be a grueling time for tax professionals and the Urban Financial Services Coalition SF Bay Area Chapter wants to show them how much we appreciate all that they do. Come out and join UFSC SF Bay Area on Wednesday April 18th as we celebrate these HARD working professionals. Notice courtesy of Otis Watson.
Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling upon Silicon Valley to "walk the talk" and fulfill what now translates into empty promises on diversity. Intel walks the talk with Intel Foundation President Roz Hudnell in conversation with Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant's mother, Wanda Durant, the #REALMVP, a motivational speaker and philanthropist. Also check out the "Women Warriors in Tech" line up.
News sent to W.E. Community Spotlight Courtesy of Dr. Maxine Hickman, immediate past president of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women San Francisco and national board member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. The Honorable Jackie Speier, member of the House of Representatives is among leaders to be honored by the Women's Foundation of California on May 8th in Sacramento. This year’s reception is dedicated to the memory of Nancy McFadden (1959-2018), Chief of Staff to Governor Jerry Brown, former Board Member of the Women’s Foundation of California, and a lifelong advocate for gender justice.
The sold-out event includes Lisa Mae Brunson, Founder of Wonder Women Tech; Molly Q. Ford, Senior Director of Global Equality Programs at Salesforce; Laura Gomez, Founder and CEO of Apitica; Valeisha Butterfield Jones, Global Head of Women & Black Community Engagement; and Angela Rye, Empowerment/Advocate/ and Political Strategist . It is followed with a reception featuring Kevin Durant's mother, "The Real MVP" speaks in conversation with Roz Hudnell, President of Intel Foundation Thursday, April 12, 2018 at Intel.
News from the Office of Pastor Joseph Bryant Jr. and Butch Wing--PUSH--Four years after pledging to change the face of technology, the industry is still struggling with too much discrimination and too little diversity. Now civil rights leader Jesse Jackson is calling on companies to redouble efforts to include more women, African Americans and Hispanics and release better information on the progress they are making. Get the details!
Since we are redeemed from the curse of poverty, why is that so many Christians are still experiencing poverty and lack. It's due to them committing destructive practices that lead to poverty. In this lesson Dr. Sesley innumerates these practices and how to change.
The Sixteenth Annual Oakland International Film Festival with its tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the 50th anniversary of his assassination is a wrap untying a present to the future as Saturday, April 7th at the Jack London Regal was the stage for its last major showings including "California's Forgotten Children," by Melody Miller and Cheryl Fabio's "Evolutionary Blues." Oakland International Film Festival 2019! Next!
On March 27th, The San Francisco Ballet announced its 2018-19 Season Including World Premieres by Scarlett & Possokhov. Did you miss the announcement? See it here courtesy of Wright Enterprises.
Historically, God has been faithful in fulfilling every one of His promises - He began fulfilling this particular one from the moment Jesus resurrected, over 2000 years ago; therefore...
W.E. Community Spotlights gives you a link to a chance to win tickets to Asia, a look at the Oakland International Film Festival Dedicated to the Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As the 50th Anniversary of his assassination is remembered, and a look at Google's Doodle of Dr. Maya Angelou with commentary attached. Originally released April 5, 2018, there lots of relevant information for you to consider.
With sixty-five films from around the world and tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Oakland International Film Festival is a platform for independent filmmakers and affirms Oakland as a point of destination for the arts.
Among the directors of films at the Sixteenth Annual Oakland Film Festival are several women filmmakers including: Leslie-Ann Coles; Melody Miller; Lyntoria Newton; Cheryl Fabio; Jackie Wright; Tamara Perkins; SaraTaborga; Lara Lee; and Alon Chan. Click Article Title to read more and visit for more information.
"Love Separated in Life...Love Reunited in Honor" tells the story of Black, White and Asian families who joined together in a moment in time to give homage fifty years after the Vietnam War to Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr., who died as an honor guard for Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara on March 9, 1964. Sp5 Wyley Wright was exhumed from a segregated cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida and his wife Ouida Fay McClendon Wright, who died March 9, 1970 leaving their four children, was exhumed from a cemetery in Columbus, Georgia and they were reburied March 10, 2014 at Arlington National Cemetery. The story continued with two of the four siblings who went to Vietnam to find the "Shannon Wright Compound," named in honor of their father and 1st Lieutenant Kenneth A. Shannon. The film directed by Jackie Wright and Jack LiVolsi will be one of the sixty-five films of the 16th Annual Oakland International Film Festival, April 3-7, 2018.
As the Jewish Faith and Christian Faith converge over Passover leading to Resurrection Sunday, W.E., shares an appeal from Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin Director of This message was sent on the Eve of Chametz or Maundy Thursday. In the spirit of Psalm 122:6. praying for the peace of Jerusalem and remembering St. Paul's writings including Romans 11:26, "All Israel shall be saved," see how your offering can make a difference.
Signs of the cross, violent SMH's and a resounding NOOOOOOO was the unanimous outburst that the elementary school students to whom I was presenting made when I flashed a slide of their Donald J. Trump on the screen behind me. They are scared of their president. Here's why
April 3-April 7th, the 16th Annual Oakland International Film Festival marks Oakland as a destination for the Arts, a place of resistance and resolutions among its screenings, panels, and parties. Collaborating with 1st Saturday's a volunteer initiative, Made in Oakland and its sponsors, The Oakland International Film Festival brings food for thought with 65 films from around the world. Read more and visit Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight notes, Jackie Wright's "Love Separated in Life...Love Reunited in Honor co-directed with Jack LiVolsi of Jackson Street Productions in San Francisco will be screened April 5, 2018 in the 5:30 pm-7:30pm block at the historic Grand Lake Theater.
BHM365 @ Mills College hopes to see you at our special evening that explores the correlations between spirituality and resistance in the African American Community.