Article Library of Christian Thoughts · December 17, 2018
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Many who have stood with us—even for over 50 years—have gone to be with the Lord. Will you pray that God will raise up others?
In my younger days, which was a very long time ago, I had this yearning to see the world. I had dreamt of leaving my job behind as a student assistant in a lab and doing something a little more exciting. Don’t laugh, but my job involved plucking bee lungs. Yes, you read it correctly. I...
Life is full of little things. But our faithfulness in these seemingly unimportant things can open the door to big things that matter.
Whatever your work situation, activate your entire heart as you labor, and watch what God can do in your midst.
Wagons full of baseball-bat-sized zucchini can make a girl realize the fields really are ripe for the harvest and the workers truly are few.
Depending entirely on God can cause uncertainty, even anxiety. Yet the best way to get over these feelings is to step out in faith.
Jamaican hat designer Karl Brown doubles as a preacher. His aim is to fuse faith and fashion in order to inspire the world.
Our resident Confession Booth queen Ana Valeska is on a mini-sabbatical. While away, pinch-hit columnist Shari Grant will serve up her own spiritual truths with a side of funny. Can you tell that she and Ana are buddies?
Are you Linsane? Well, you must be for taking the abuse, Lin. Or was it all in God's timing? Columnist Billy Delgado shares why Jeremy Lin was shrouded until just the right time. The 11th hour.
Columnist Ana Guthrie expounds on local studies that attempt to explain the 20something urbanite flight from South Florida to more "appealing" cities?
As managers, we supervise, train and coach our employees. But do you ever think of praying for your employees? Building in this time for reflection can make a profound difference in how you conduct yourself at work, particularly when the pressure to perform at all costs is high.
Have you ever tried to make changes in your life? If you try to change a dozen things in your life one at a time, you get frustrated. How do we implement change so that everyone does not frustrated? Focus on one change at a time. In our personal lives, we must focus on one flaw at a time. IN the life of the church, we must focus on one vision change at a time. Using Nehemiah's example, Dr. Morrison walks us through the necessary steps we must take to implement vision with accuracy and effectiveness.
Detroit inspired a lot of dreamers besides Berry Gordy, founder of Motown. Also born and raised in the Motor City during the 1960s, Pam Perry—one of the nation’s foremost public relations and marketing professionals—learned at a very young age about the necessity and power of networking in fulfilling a dream. Find out more about Pam Perry inside!
This is a brief overview of the renewal of the Western church as it recovers the ministry of service, witness and righteousness for every believer.
Question: How could we begin a campaign on The Gospel of Jesus Christ? Answer: WE cannot - but God can.
When Muslim employees at Ford Motor Co. needed a place to perform ablution, a ceremonial washing before prayer, they knew who would help. The Ford Interfaith Network, a company-funded religious employee group, played the role of ombudsman and had certain restroom sinks designated for ablution at the Product Development Center in Dearborn, Michigan.
Answering a web site visitor whether 'Faith' by itself is good enough; and 'Repentance' is a one-time action.
We must understand that change is not always bad. It may be difficult for some of us but it is really important to embrace. God is often about to do a new thing and we miss it because we are so wrapped up in our old favorite thing.