Article Library of Christian Thoughts · December 15, 2018
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Recently someone said to me that they had a problem with pastors who wanted their churches to become large. They said that if every church became a mega church, then there would be no more small family churches. Because most people who were raised in church probably grew up in a small church, a church under 200 members, there may be many who feel this way. But does God have anything to say about all of this?
I try to see every human being as if they are in a fire. Each is in a fire in the world that offers much sin and little hope. (That’s why suicide is now becoming epidemic.) Each soul is also in the “fire” of a physical body that can die at any moment—young or old, rich or poor, healthy or sick. Death offers no second chance....
Today's world is like yesterday's - corrupt and filled with the chorus of "Every person to his/her own god, own choice, own life-style." That's why we who know the Lord will not be popular and must be prepared to suffer when we declare: "There is only one God, one Savior and one way. The answer is not in Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed or any other man or supposed deity. Thus saith the Lord!"
We spoke out against anti-Semitism and hatred against Israel. I led in the fight that called for strong action—not merely supportive words. Many Jews, weary of hate and centuries of “Christian anti-Semitism” applauded. But I was warned not to have visible fellowship with Messianic Jews or the Jewish leadership would reject me.
Why do so few Christians ever carry a missionary heart for the lost of the world? Years of observation have caused me to see it's because our glimpse of the Lord is more a glance than the long look that awes us with His holiness and stabs us with our own filthiness.
Jews called me “national treasure,” “champion,” “soul-snatcher,” “dangerous,” etc. But they never called me “hypocrite,” “liar” or “deceiver.” Jesus—Yeshuah—was always out front. He still is.
I share this simple story because it is what Shalom does worldwide. Most Christians know little of the Scriptures. So I teach them the basics—a daily time alone with Jesus. Memorize special verses. Say “no” to self and “yes” to the Holy Spirit. Speak out boldly for the Lord. Basic discipleship stuff.
What I have shared with you are not profound secrets. On the contrary, they are merely the honest lessons of life I’ve learned the hard way in how to witness to my loved ones, neighbors and friends when they don’t want to listen. Now go to work loving your family members and others like they have never been loved before.
To know Jesus is to love and obey Him. That’s when we know real joy. Not the “joy” of the world that depends on circumstances, but the joy of the Holy Spirit that only Christ’s disciples can experience. And when we truly love our Lord, we will want family, friends and others to know the joy of the new spiritual birth and assurance of eternal life in a new heaven and earth.
End-time sign posts are everywhere. The time is short! Believers will not be here when God’s wrath falls, but we had better be ready for the dark days and heavy persecution that our brothers and sisters are already suffering around the world. Christ’s followers are being beaten and beheaded in many places for their allegiance to the Cross and their boldness to confess Jesus. Their testimonies warn and impel me to blow the trumpet and sound the alarm to the Church, the Jews, Israel and the world.
If we truly know and love our Lord, we will be proud to share His love with family, friends and others we meet throughout life.
The years that have since gone by have not erased that little boy’s excited shout. On the contrary. I have used his words around the world as I taught (and teach) Christians to both live and love like Jesus.
The story of “missions” is not a New Testament theme. It goes all the way back to Abraham’s call to be the father of nations and Israel’s commission to be God’s light to the world. But when Jesus Christ came in fulfillment of prophecy, the Great Commission became the privilege and responsibility of every believer.
Whether you are a student, housewife, mother, man or woman on the job—you are surrounded by others. Ask God each day to fill you with fresh power and boldness of the Holy Spirit. He will direct you to others who need to hear the good news of eternal life.
Plenty. Love like Jesus. Live like Christ. Show His care and compassion to the best and the worst. The innocent and the guilty. The open and the closed. The receptive and the arrogant. Let Jesus be Jesus—in you and in me!
Crazy world! Barbarian world! But it’s our world—and we are called to be the salt and light of Jesus. It’s an awesome day to be alive.
Phony "loved" can be smelled a mile away. True love—God's unconditional love—won't go away. And that love is what He uses to flesh out the truth that Jesus Christ is alive and has the power to turn people into new creations.
Tear down all opposition, Lord! Let me reach more like Timothy. Lydia. Aquila and Priscilla. The Philippian jailor. Even more royalty like King Agrippa. How unsearchable are Your judgments Lord, and Your ways past finding out. You are not only sending me to part of the world. You are bringing the whole world to me! Don’t let me fail you!
Usually in the latter part of life, people begin thinking about their mortality and the mark they will leave behind in the world once they're gone. Columnist Shari Grant wants us to consider our legacy right now!
It will take God’s “Elijah power” to let people see the difference between Jesus and all the substitutes. “Religion”—Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity-in-name-only hits a wall when faced with demons, diseases and death. Jesus Christ alone has all authority.
I believe the devil has a great fear of—and hatred toward—our youth. When a young soul sells out to Jesus, those early years of strength, energy and vigor can inflict great damage to the kingdom of darkness.
This is our greatest opportunity as well as our greatest challenge to reach the nations, every culture, people group and society with the healing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are launching as part of our prayers and intercessions Praying Through the 10/40 Window as we continue to prepare Revivalist and Reformers for this tremendous harvest of souls.
Micah encourages faithful Israelites to rest in the plan of the Lord and proactive for God's kingdom.
Our neighbors, and our guests at church are likely not to be "perfect people" and they are likely not to be just like us. But Jesus still died for them, just as He died for us.
The rescue went as planned. It was the perfect plan carried out by the perfect Savior, who lived a perfect life, and died an extraordinary death. He lived, He died, and He rose again on the third day.