Article Library of Christian Thoughts · December 17, 2018
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Two prominent Christian leaders—Juanita Bynum and Ted Haggard—appeared on the reality show DIVORCE COURT. Bynum—a televangelist, prophetess, singer and author—is best known for empowering women to pursue spiritual maturity. Known as a champion of healthy relationships, Bynum recently divorced her husband Bishop Weeks in a high-profile case that included allegations of domestic violence. Haggard pastored New Life Church, a mega church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A successful preacher and head of the National Association of Evangelicals, Haggard revealed in 2006 that he was involved in a three-year affair with a male prostitute. Bynum first appeared on DIVORCE COURT in April 2008; Haggard (accompanied by his wife, Gayle) turned up in April 2009. Both Bynum and Haggard spoke about their troubles and healing processes. They also counseled litigants on the show.