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When you ask her out or propose to her and she says she's not ready, what do you do? Relationship expert Tobi Atte offers you 5 ways to handle the rejection.
Okay, even Christians are speed dating. And, we're not talking dating quickly to get married. It's the dating three women at one time and then making a decision on who you wanna be with for life thing. Columnist Ana Guthrie blasts the practice.
As single women, we often live in the, "one day when I get a man" fantasy. " We wait to enjoy our lives until we have a man. Why wait? Why not treat yourself to that perfect date...
Who you marry is the most important choice you will make next to accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It will affect how happy or unhappy you are, how easily you can serve God, how your children will be brought up, your peace and prosperity and many other things.
I believe single women should pursue their own talents, goals, hopes, and dreams outside of marriage. What has God called you to do? Pursue that. I've heard some girls say, 'God has called me to be a wife.' But I have a small problem with that.
Let's face it, anyone who's been single for a number of years has experienced more than his or her fair share of pain and rejection at the hands of those we cared about, whether they meant to hurt us or not.
Here are questions 21-40 asked to Pastor Garcia in the audio series. This page was prepared for those of you who do not have audio on your computer.
Believe me, it was HARD to turn down the offer just to even get to know him just as friends. A sista gets tired of goiní to the movies, mall, or out to eat alone! But I had be true to myself, to the guy, and most importantly to God.
As believers, we know that giving our bodies is reserved for the marriage relationship. But what about our hearts and our emotions? Are there boundaries in the emotional realm as well as in the physical realm for those who are not yet married?
Our pre-conceived ideas often determine whether we will pursue to be in a relationship or friendship with that other person.