Article Library of Christian Thoughts · December 17, 2018
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It’s like MTV cribs, but a great deal more gratifying – as it were. While the story of most Blacks in America is a proverbial rat-race of chasing an all too elusive American dream: a house, a life mate, 2.5 kids, the story of 7 African Americans in the film Blacks Without Borders is an entirely different tale of rich, full life set in stunning South Africa. “We noticed this trend of African-Americans leaving the U.S. and heading to South Africa to achieve what they couldn’t here,” said Stafford Bailey, filmmaker. “After Nigeria, South Africa is home to the largest number of African-Americans living outside of the U.S. …we wanted to explore why that was.” Amid the lush green flora, gentle rolling hills and gorgeous multi-story homes decked out with swimming pools carved out of coral stone, wine cellars and city-light views of downtown Johannesburg, we begin to understand a person’s case for the move.
While the mass media-driven stereotype of Black achievement in rapping, dancing or shooting hoops have consumed all of American culture, in this year…2009…there is at least one shining example of an African-American succeeding devoid of his stand-out artistic ability. Some would ask, “What’s the formula for this kind of Black?” Well, the variety of talent within Black America is not just restricted to the behind the scenes story of Notorious B.IG. or Ray Charles - in February TNT broadcast, on the heels of the instatement of our new president, the amazing story of Ben Carson. He was the man that made medical history when in 1987 he separated a pair of Siamese twins joined at the head. The movie, based on Ben Carson’s inspirational memoir, chronicles the journey of Carson – played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. – from his frustrated inner-city days in Mo-Town to the halls of Johns Hopkins University Hospital.
You've got the flawless resume, impeccable credentials and the perfect look -- you are an employer's dream candidate. So why is it you've been on the job hunt for almost a year and there are no prospects in sight?
With layoffs and business failures so prevalent today, how should the church and we as individual Christians respond to people in our midst affected by these events? Marketplace Network recommends consideration of some or all of the following steps.