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How to Discern and Defeat the Lies of Jezebel, Athaliah and Delilah Three evil powers have joined forces to deceive you, rob you and imprison you in religious structures. It's time to fight back. For years a controlling Jezebel spirit has seduced the unsuspecting, even in the Church. Now the destructive forces of her daughter, Athaliah and Delilah are becoming evident as well. The joining together of this "threefold cord" is the enemy's secret weapon - and it is gaining alarming momentum against believers.
Do you feel as though you are going through life's ups and downs alone? Are you a victim of the foster system or adopted and want to know, why me? Can there ever be life after abuse or abandonment? If you have experienced opposition and neglect, this book is for you. Find out more inside...
Pastor Michel White-Haynes is the Founder and Pastor of the Greater Faith Temple Church of the Living God in the Bronx, N.Y. She carries an Apostolic mantle upon her life and has been called by God to be a covering for a number of ministries. She is the Overseer of Greater Faith Temple Ministry Alliance, [GFTMA] covering Greater Faith Ministries [Harrisburg, PA], Bountiful Blessings [Hempstead, NY], Greater Blessed Hope [Mt. Vernon, NY], GFT Living Word Ministries [Monticello, NY] GFT Rhema Christian Worship Center [Newburgh, NY] and Revelation Universal Worship Center [Summerville, SC]. Also part of GFTMA is Redeeming Hearts Ministry [Bronx, NY]. We believe that this is Pastor Haynesí season and we look forward to this alliance [GFTMA] expanding to include other churches and ministries in the very near future.
There is a book causing quite a stir in African American congregations across the country, especially among its preachers. N. Moore's, 'Pulpit Confessions: Exposing The Black Church,' questions the moral character of the African American Church in the wake of recent highly publicized scandals.
In his book City of God, City of Satan, Robert Linthicum takes an in-depth look at the urban environment in both third and first world countries from a biblical perspective. His experiences as an urban pastor provide valuable insight on the present state of cities and the potential they have to be changed towards God's ideal. The book helps in better understanding the powers that cause the cities to malfunction and the Biblical approach towards confronting the problems related to urban cities.