Article Library of Christian Thoughts December 15, 2018
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JOY International has started a blog. The JOY Blog will be one more way for women to connect over common issues and interests and provide a platform for mutual encouragement and inspiration.
JOY International has launched the JOY Blog to give women one more way to connect over common issues and interests and provide mutual encouragement and inspiration. Our topics tie into our mission to help women in their "quest for meaningful life, a practical faith, and vibrant relationship with God."
We are looking to hire a part-time Administrative Assistant in the Bismarck-Mandan area to work closely with me and Executive Team in aspects of administration, organizational development, community outreach, and volunteer recruitment and management. Applications are due by noon on Thursday, November 18th.
After five years, we are having our first fundraising endeavor. To continue to execute our vision, we believe that JOY must reach a point where we can monetarily cover our growing expenses and seize the opportunities to develop new ministries.
We will not be hosting a JOY Breakfast this fall. We see God's blessings on JOY International, and we are deeply thankful. However, in order to continue to be faithful and to bear more fruit, we believe it is necessary to prayerfully evaluate, reflect, and take time to recalibrate the ministry this fall.
is on Evansville's Voice of Heavenly Inspiration,1330 w v h i radio station every Sunday, beginning 1:30 AM and can be heard again at 3:30 PM. ONE HOPE FOR YOU is an outreach ministry OF FAITH TEMPLE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST. This BROADCAST offers A UNIQUE and effective Evangelistic and Teaching Ministry of Healing, Deliverance and Spiritual breakthroughs. It is a fresh slice of the Bread of Life!!
If you work with children, you need to be there! Come and share your ideas, discuss your challenges, receive & give encouragement and fellowship with those like you in a warm atmosphere.