Article Library of Christian Thoughts ∑ December 17, 2018
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The maturing, conforming, molding of our lives by the hands of God does not always feel like a pleasant experience. However, God always wants the very best for our lives.
What happens to the child of God in this life, happens in the shadow of the cross. (Update of a 2002 Devotional.)
Having joy during the bad times is a choice. We choose to have joy. We choose to be thankful during the worst of times.
God wants to use you in a greater and more powerful way. How do you arrive at that point where God calls you up from the reserves, and puts you on the front lines?
There are extreme pressures on many people in these days of job losses, investment disasters, and home foreclosures. How are Christians to cope with these pressures?
The situations we sometimes face in life may appear to be similar to mountains that are impossible to climb.
Times have gotten tough in the United States with almost 700,000 people losing their jobs just last week. During these tough times will we turn to God or turn away from Him?
Too often we give up when God has a miracle waiting for us if we would only walk with Him a few more steps.
How should Christians respond when bad things happen? We should follow the example of the early church.
God stands with His children and strengthens them holding them in the right hand of His righteousness.
God is the One who gives us every breath of air we breathe and He is the One who makes our heart beat thousands of times every day. God cares about you and loves you, however, many blame God when bad things happen.
God has a plan for you which will enable you to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your experiencing the abundant life that Jesus came to give you (John 10:10).
Life can be very difficult and it was very difficult for many of the saints of old. However, out of the darkness of great difficulty for many came the dawn, the arising of the Sun of Righteousness in their lives.
When a cow falls off a cliff onto your vehicle and you live to tell about it, that is completely unexpected.
The stormy seas we sail are not the Atlantic or the Pacific, but instead are the seas of health issues, relational problems, financial needs and more.
Change can be forced upon us. Usually we are resistant to change. Sometimes change is disastrous. However, even in the worst of situations God can bring about good if we are willing.
When you have lost everything except for life itself what do you do? Where do you turn? How do you move forward?
Jesus tells us that we will have problems while living on this Earth. So, what did Jesus tell us to do about it?
Every day is a new adventure in the Lord. It is not a day for retreat but a day for you to conquer the spiritual territory before you.
Sometimes less is more in facing the giants of this world. (This devotional was originally written and sent 04.23.01. It has been rewritten for today.)
There are two types of lives that are out-of-control. The first type is caused by circumstances/situations that are for the most part out of our control.
In a time when bad news is constantly occuring and at times affects us personally we need to focus on the GOOD NEWS.
God promises to use everything in our lives for good. That includes even the very worst that life can bring.
Remember the times of God's help and comfort, through your life. Remember, and rejoice, that He loves you so much that His One, and only Son died for you.
There is a place of refuge from the spiritual storms of life. God, through Jesus Christ is that refuge. He is the only refuge. Please donít ignore the storm warnings!!