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Win in 2015
I want to share with you the first and most important step you must take if you are going to succeed in 2015.

Happy New Year! Just as quckly as 2014 ended for you trust me when I say that if you don't have a plan of action, you will turn around and be faced looking at 2016 wondering where this year has gone.  That is the reason I am putting so much emphasis on you setting goals.  By setting goals for this New Year, you are planning out the victories you want to have.  By not setting these benchmars, you are simply riding the wave and making decisions based on what happens in life instead of making decisions that deal with your path that is leading you to your purpose.

I believe this so much that I am even hosting a live phone conference that you can attend on Monday, January 12th.  At 8pm central time, I will be leading you through a very easy excercise that will help you set and organize your goals for this year.  I will be your guide in making sure you succeed in 2015.

Many people will read this or see our postings about the teleconference and pass it off as something only useful for CEOs.  But I beg to differ.  This excercise should be done by every person who makes decisions in life.  And that includes YOU! 

  • CEOs
  • Business Managers
  • Commission Workers
  • Pastors / Ministry Leaders
  • Artists / Musicians
  • and more!

Every parent whether married or single should make sure you are on this call so I can help you plan this year so it doesn't turn out to be another wasted year. 

There is something powerful that happens when you have completed this simple excercise and you find yourself looking at your plan for 2015.  All of a sudden, what seemed to be overwelming now looks possible.  What once was a dread now becomes exciting because you have a plan of action and you know where you are headed.  So don't miss this great opportunity.  I have even tried my best to keep the price as low as possible so you will have no excuse for joining me.  Is $3.99 worth this year being a success?

- Goal Setting Phone Conference -

Monday, January 12th

=> Click here for the details and to sign up!


I am also very excited about my frist ever book that will be published as a Kindle eBook on 
I will be posting facebook messages and keeping our newsletter list updated on the release date but they are telling me that it could be this week.  Here's a sneak preview of the the cover.




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