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No, it is not easy today to have a solid, scriptural marriage relationship. The competition is enormous...

Adultery: An Act of Treason


“Treason?” Isn’t that too strong of a word to describe adultery? That depends on whose opinion we seek. If we want our answer from Hollywood and the world it influences, the word must be softened. Adultery? No, try the word “affair.” Or a “relationship.” Or “tryst”—you know, a time and place planned secretly by lovers.


But if you go to the Creator of sex and marriage, you’ll find the word “treason” fits the act of adultery perfectly—especially with where it usually leads—to divorce. First, the dictionary describes treason as “betrayal of trust or faith; treachery.” And God puts it this way, “…let none deal treacherously against the wife of his youth,” before God adds that He hates divorce.1 Is there anything more treacherous and heartbreaking to the innocent mate?


I know that this lesson will be controversial with many young people. Some will applaud. Others will think me old-fashioned—uncool—a dinosaur in a changing world. But I want to tell you—especially young people—that without the Bible’s compass that shows “True North” to God’s purposes and plans for your life,2 you will only drift or be carried by the tides of popular opinion that lead to shipwreck.


No, it is not easy today to have a solid, scriptural marriage relationship. The competition is enormous. Materialism has caused many couples to attempt to keep up with the neighbors. Many men marry their jobs—often at the expense of their marriage. Extra-marital sex is now “acceptable” under certain conditions. Modern “guard your freedom” movements cause many couples to be suspicious of being used by the other. And divorce is almost as easy to obtain as a TV dinner.


But then we put Jesus Christ into the marriage equation. And the “impossible”—you know, staying faithful to my Norma—became not only “possible” but an exciting adventure that continues 54 years and counting.3 When I became a new Christian as a US Marine, Jesus played no games with me. He let me know that the Cross was no walk in the park. Oh how He suffered! Spit in His face. Crown of thorns. Spikes driven into His wrists and feet. Mocked and hung naked. But worst of all, my sins (and yours) laid on him as God’s perfect solution so I could be forgiven.4


Then He entered my life and informed me I was no longer my own. Bought with a price—His precious blood—I was now under His orders.5 And that would take in every facet of life. Including my future marriage.


There is no secret to an enduring marriage without the treasonous act of adultery. First is to get off the roads where people discuss sex, marriage, and adultery but never consult the only One with all the answers—the Creator. You’ll find Jesus more than talk. 1) His love will let you view your wife as God’s will for your life. 2) You will never threaten the word “divorce.” 3) You will begin to appreciate the miracle called marriage.


You will never again feel “no longer in love”, because you will never measure love by your feelings. God’s love is more than words—more than talk. Love is action.6 Love is obedience. 7Love is keeping a promise made in marriage. In sickness and health. In plenty and when the bills are more than the money to pay them. In the wonders of youth and wrinkles of aging.


Young person, let the One who suffered and died for you run your life. Ask the Lord Jesus to guide you in who you are to marry and His Spirit will keep you from the deadly sin called “adultery”—and its act of treason.8 



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"Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ" (I Corinthians 11:1)
The ST. PAUL SCHOOL, with Frank Eiklor, Eileen Young and Cecilia Contreras



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