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Just say the word “Sex” and you get peoples’ attention. And sometimes you get their ear to the same degree the word “water” would get the attention of a man dying of thirst in a desert...

The Beginning, God Created...Sex


Just say the word “Sex” and you get peoples’ attention. And sometimes you get their ear to the same degree the word “water” would get the attention of a man dying of thirst in a desert. Or the word “food” to one starving in a prisoner of war camp. A little green man looking in from outer space would figure the world suffered from a shortage of all three. But while He would be right about the shortage of food and clean water, he would be surprised to find no shortage of sex. He would see sex, and sex-talk, exploding everywhere. Highway signs. TV. Radio. Internet. Magazines and papers. Theaters. Parties. Even school curriculum. In everything. Everywhere. And the stranger looking in would conclude that there is no shortage of sex. On the contrary, he would find only sexual gluttony. And he might say, “Something is wrong with their appetite for sex. It seems to be out of control.”


But what is “control?” And what is “out of control?” We must retrace our steps—back to the beginning. Where did passion—sex—begin? We won’t waste time with the fairy tale called “evolution.” That myth has gone the way of the “static universe” and the “simple cell” theories. We now know the truth—that the universe had a “beginning,” which required a “beginner.” And that a single cell is a universe in itself—baffling the greatest scientists with its mind-boggling language of DNA and the obvious genius that invented it.


So since there is no substitute for God, your quest is fairly simple. We only have to consult Him by paying attention to His manual—the Bible. Yes, there it is—right out front. He made a handsome man. He gave the man a gorgeous woman.1He gave them eyes to each other. Ears to hear words and even tones in those words. Hands to reach out and explore, not just the garden, but each other. Wow! But then—then He programmed their brains to want each other. No, not like they enjoyed petting Leo the lion or stroking their first dog, Spot. There was something else—a powerful, beautiful, stimulating, sublimely irresistible urge to possess each other.2


And the rest came so naturally. Or was it “supernaturally?” After all, there was God who made all the parts of the human machine and hot-wired it for intimacy.3And there was God—who put in their hearts such spiritual love and devotion to each other that they just ached to celebrate their man/woman, husband/wife spiritual union with intimate, physical oneness. And there they were, making love with the Almighty and Everlasting God pronouncing the whole scene honorable, undefiled, good.4More about Adam and his lovely Eve later. Why, I’ll even tell you about my lovely Norma. But that’s for chapter two.


Enough for now is to marvel at the creative genius of the God who made the first humans and invented passion and pleasure to follow commitment as His way for us to fill the earth with our kind—made in His image.5 But in His package of passion and pleasure comes a warning. The Divine Maker of souls and the bodies that house them—that’s you and me—is God. He alone can teach us His plan for keeping the passion of sex under His wise control. Ignore Him, and that which was created for purpose and pleasure will be used by your unseen but real adversary to pave your road to hell.6



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"Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ" (I Corinthians 11:1)
The ST. PAUL SCHOOL, with Frank Eiklor, Eileen Young and Cecilia Contreras



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