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No matter what I'm thinking about or whose book I'm reading or who I'm listening to, when I think about God everything . . .


No matter what I'm thinking about or whose book I'm reading or who I'm listening to, when I think about God everything comes into perspective and I find myself at peace.

It is when I narrow my focus and define what is really important, that's when I find myself in awe of who God is. I discover all of the amazing things that He IS already doing in and around my life. When I make the mistake of trying to please everyone and respond to everything that seeks to demand an answer from me; it is then that I become discouraged and distracted. I simply wasn't designed to understand and deal with everyone and everything that places demands upon my time and talents. I can't focus on everything and everyone all at the same time. I don't ignore those issues and needs. I don't minimize or ignore the people around me; I have learned to put them in their proper perspective. I do not allow them to drain my passion for what is really meaningful in my life.

You know about that life, right? Eternity, Heaven or Hell: ruling and reigning or weeping and wailing. The decisions and choices that I make today are defined by the Love, the Call and the Passion of God for my life. Not feelings, not circumstances, not social or cultural assumptions, not what is trendy. What governs my life is what was entrusted to me by a Creator that hasn't changed His mind about His original purpose for my life.

Sounds so simple doesn't it? A lot of well-meaning, well known preachers and people have tried to make it easy but it's not easy. It is not easy when you have all of those voices, pressures, distractions obligations and assumptions pushing you around.

 The amazing thing about God is that He sometimes but rarely reduces or removes those distractions.  God often allows those pressures. In fact, He may even be their architect!

Why? To get you to narrow your focus! To cause, convince and force you to see what is really valuable and embrace it with abandon.

What could possibly be that valuable? Your relationship with God, your family and the value of understanding whose you are not just what you do.

Life is not always about how well you may or may not be doing at this particular time in your life. That is the essence of what Jesus said to the rich young ruler, "Sell all that you have, give it away and come and follow Me!"  All of this other stuff you have is good but it is not the best and it was never intended to be the focus of your life. Jesus said, "Follow Me!"

The guy couldn't breathe that in. He had come to Jesus with a lot of assumptions and expectations that were never part of Jesus' focus. Was it really that simple? Just follow Jesus? All that he had and all that he was doing was suffocating him. He was slowly dying and yet it wasn't for a lack of breathing it was for a lack of vision. He could see. In fact he could see well enough to come to Jesus. He was articulate, educated, wealthy, influential and young! His vision though was out of focus. In fact he was actually going blind. He was greatly loved by Jesus and very close to the kingdom of God. But he was still headed in the wrong direction.

That's scary when you really think about it. It's scary because the modern church is filled with people just like this guy. That's why he walked away! Think about that! He wanted Jesus. He wanted everything that Jesus had to offer except for one thing. Well, actually two things. Unconditional love and self-abandonment. Think about that the next time you or someone trivializes the claims of Jesus or reduces authentic Christianity to a philosophical idea.

So what is the point?  Narrow your focus!  Just take a deep breathe. Step back and step into the arms of the One who loves you the most. Even though He is the one we understand the least. Yet He loves us and invites us to give up all and follow Him.

He hasn't changed or lost His focus for you.  Stop long enough to take a deep enough breathe to allow Him to embrace you.  Simply allow Jesus to embrace you in the madness and stress and pleasure of everyday living.  An everyday living that doesn't really allow you to live to your fullest.

Get your focus back discover the real focus of life.

 Simply Jesus!

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