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God WILL Finish What He Started in YOU!
This morning My Real topic isn't conflicting personalities, but instead I want to Remind You, THAT GOD IS GOING TO FINISH WHAT HE HAS STARTED, IN YOU. And This Truth also applies to the our Church fellowship, God isn't done with us, In Fact I get the Feeling He's just getting started.

God Will Finish What He Has Started In You.

Philippians 1:3-6


How many of you here this morning have a unfinished project waiting for you at home? Go ahead, raise your hand, Something you have been working on, trying to get finished, maybe for along time, but for whatever reason, you haven't quite completed it? How many? Somebody share with us, what is your project that you're needing to finish? It's confession time.


I would say almost all of us have some kind of project, some kind of goal, that we are working on or at least from time to time we have one. It's a human nature kind of thing. Whether it's working in your yard, planting flowers or trees, or maybe fixing up your old barn, or maybe it's re-designing your house, or it could be reading a book, doing a puzzle, whatever. We all have some kind of projects that we undertake.


Now my next question will probably divide us up evenly, and it can be the source of conflict in some cases, but let me ask it anyway. How many of you will only do one project at a time, and you will not even think about starting another one until the first one is finished? If this describes you, I would guess that unfinished projects kind of bother you until there done, right?


Then there's the other side, how many of you can have two or three projects kind of lying around, all of them about half-way done, and your attitude is kind of like, I'll get to them when I get a chance?


Now if you put these two different types of people working on the same project, can you understand the why's there's conflict? But you can also understand why they compliment each other and make for a good blend, if done properly.


This morning My Real topic isn't conflicting personalities, but instead I want to Remind You, THAT GOD IS GOING TO FINISH WHAT HE HAS STARTED, IN YOU. And This Truth also applies to the our Church fellowship, God isn't done with us, In Fact I get the Feeling He's just getting started.


For the next couple weeks, I want to try and show you, convince you through God's Word, and Encourage You to See Yourself Through God's Eyes, To See How Much God Values You.If your down on yourself, these next few weeks, I hope that You will Find God's Truth and New Light about You. You see, I'm convinced that when we will take to heart, when we will really listen to What God says about us in His Word, we will be overwhelmed by His Love, and We Will Begin to see ourselves in His Light and we will then be hard pressed to be "down" on ourselves anymore.


This morning I want to share 3 Things to Remember as We Talk about How God Will Finish What He has started in my life.


First, Remember God's Great Love for you, and How He rejoices over you even now, right now. Turn in your Bibles with me to Luke 15:8-9 - Jesus is telling a Parable, a story that describes the Father's Love for you. Don't let it get by you this morning, take it in, think about what it means in your life today.




"Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Does she not light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, 'Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin."


God spared nothing in His search for you. He gathered the greatest search party that has ever been formed in order to find you. He sent His Son, His Spirit, and His Angels after you. As they searched, He had his people pray for you, you will never fully know how deep, how thorough, and how costly His search was. You do not belong to Him today because of chance, or accident, or a stroke of fate. You are His because He never gave up His search until He found You.


Romans 8:32 says, "He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all--how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?" Do you know that God Rejoices because your His?


How many of you parents ever have walked into your children's bedrooms at night right before you go to bed, just to look at them, all quiet, peaceful, do you remember your heart just jumping with could say, Rejoicing because there so precious to you.


How much more does God Rejoice over you, His Child? Remember God Rejoices over you......not based on how good you are, but He loves you for who you are..,,,


The Second Important Reminder, God Is Working In You.

In our passage, it talks about a Good Work that has been started, that work specifically, is God living in you, changing you, molding you, using you for His good pleasure.

You are a work in progress. You are a project that God is working on, and you will not be complete until Christ comes back. Now, for those of you that don't like projects that don't get done "right now", this idea might be hard for you to swallow. But for people like me, who don't mind a couple of projects all going at once, I can handle it OK....Let me give you the key, Allowing God to change you, to mold you, and to use you many times is painful, many times it's hard, but it's always rewarding and fulfilling. I can look at my wife and see how God has done so much in her life, What you see today is a result of God working, but also a result of Nola allowing God to work in her.


I always want to be open to God's work in my life, because the truth be told, I gave up my rights along time ago, I died to myself, and I told God that He had control of my everything. And if that's true, then I must continue to allow Him to chisel away, to sometimes convict me, sometimes discipline me, and always to use me how He see's fit.


What changes has God done in your life this last year? Can you list some of the things that He has chiseled away? Can you list some of the areas that He has convicted you about? How has he used you this last year to minister to others? I will warn you on this point, this is where to many Christians begin to grow cold in their Christian experience. They don't surrender control of their lives, and God is not allowed to work in them, and this leads to disobedience, which leads to sin. Many Christians have lost out because of their unwillingness to grow beyond their salvation experience. There's no such thing as camping right inside the pearly gates, when you get saved, you must continue on your spiritual journey, if you don't keep climbing, then you

will eventually fall away.

God Will Finish What He Has Started IN You, but you must remember that God is the one working in you, it's not your project, you can't produce What God only can give.

Only God through His Holy Spirit can produce: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and self-control.


The Third Important thing to Remember, God Doesn't See Failure When He Looks At You.

We like to keep score don't we? It's human nature to keep accounts, to keep the score, to try and find a winner and a loser. We bring this whole idea into our relationships, and in our relationship with God. We rate ourselves in relationships based on many things, outward appearances, we compare ourselves to others, we look at worldly possessions, all kind of things get involved. So because we use these types of things, does that mean God does too?


Does God rate us as a failure or a success? And if he does, what is the criteria? How many prayers do I say? Is it how much I put in the offering plate?


We have a real problem in this area. I believe that not only do we apply unreal standards for success or failure to ourselves, but we also think somehow that God judges us by those same kind of standards. We give ourself the double whammy.


Galatians 5:22

Verse 22. But the fruit of the Spirit. That which the Holy Spirit produces. It is not without design, evidently, that the apostle uses the word "Spirit" here, as denoting that these things do not flow from our own nature. The vices above enumerated are the proper "works" or result of the operations of the human heart; the virtues which he enumerates are produced by a foreign influence-the agency of the Holy Spirit. Hence Paul does not trace them to our own hearts, even when renewed. He says that they are to be regarded as the proper result of the Spirit's operations on the soul.


As I was thinking about How God looks at me, I started asking myself, How do I look at my Kids? I know that even my views of my kids are skewed by the way we all look at things. But I realized that when I look at my girls, I wouldn't judge them a success or failure based on material things, or whether or not they made A's or D's.


When it's all said and done, the only thing that really matters is do they have a personal relationship with God? Do they love Jesus?


When the Father sees you, He's not looking at your report cards, or your work schedule, or your paycheck stubs. He's looking at your heart, do you Love Him? Do you Love Him more than anything else that's put in front of you? Will you serve Him?


When God see's us, If were a Christian, he see's a heart that Has been covered by His Son's Blood, and he sees' a person who is living for Him. Our responsibility is to keep growing, to never stop growing.


Part of the growing process is failure. In fact, If you don't embrace the fact that your going to fail along the way, you will never grow.


The fact is in life, the question is not if you will have problems, but how you are going to deal with your problems.


"People are training for success when they should be training for failure. Failure is far more common than success; poverty is more prevalent than wealth; and disappointment more normal than arrival." J. Wallace Hamilton -


The truth is there is no achievement without failure. How many times did the disciples have to fail miserably before they could see their need for the Holy Spirit? How many times did the Apostle Paul get thrown out of town while trying to Preach the Gospel? How many times was he arrested? Beaten?


How many times will we show the church before it sells? How many different plans do we need to come up with to accomplish what we want? The answer is not a number friends. The answer is We don't stop. We don't give up. With every defeat, were that much closer to victory. With every discouragement, we just need to get that much more determined, with every slam of the door, we just knock that much harder, we don't give up. We Believe that God is still working in us and through us, Don't we? We believe that God is Raising up New Hope Church of the Nazarene for a specific reason don't We? If so, then we don't get down, we just keep getting ready.


This morning I am challenging you, in your own spiritual life and in the church. You need to know and believe that God is not done working in you, and He is going to complete what He has started in You. And in our Church. So I'm asking you, I'm pleading with you, Put away your doubts. Put away your fears. Those things are not of God. Stand on Truth, Live by Faith, Believe and Be excited about What God is doing and will continue to do in our community of Faith.


Friends, it's time to bring in the harvest, it's time to meet those neighbors, it's time to talk to those strangers, bring them to New Hope, Let's share What God has for them. Let's share His Love, His Light, His Life, which make's a difference.


Are you ready for this new move? Remember, God is still working in You.

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