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Meet Me at the Chatroom...Gonna Get Married!
Websites like offer a new way of arranging marriages for members of strict Eastern religious sects.
Americans may say a Bombay sari is merely a glitzy California sun dress and aloo gobi, a glorified version of mashed potatoes. Yet, when it comes to love pursuits, a hot new Indian website makes companies such as and -- which stake claim to having the online love market cornered look like a couple of drag queens schmoozing at the RNC.

Zeroing in on specifics like religious sect, language and social status, the site - is carefully spun to satisfy all cultural requirements for courtship. It's an online love site with a twist. Because instead of looking for dates, you're looking for life mates. Although free-will love matches have become more popular in recent years, arranged marriage is still a permanent fixture in Indian society. So why not put technology to work in this century-old practice?

 Similar to its American counterparts, lets you set up a profile and search for potential brides or grooms. You can then contact them and see if it's marriage at first sight. Balle Balle! But, beware, in most cases it's actually a desperate parent who set up their son or daughter's profile. So, no blowing your chances with dirty talk at the outset.
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