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PART ONE, TWO, THREE AND FOUR of this "Method of Bible Study Series" has already covered several very important points that will absolutely help to produce a life of fruitfulness, for anyone who has a DESIRE to grow in the Word of God. Initially, Begin making up in your mind that you will put some time into studying the Word of God daily, then through prayer, ask the Holy Spirit of God to help you to be consistent and follow through. As you prayerfully follow this study, remember to keep in mind, any book that organizes the Bible into topics can be used with this particular Study Method. The type of Bible Study I have been discussing fills the mind very full of any subject studies. FOR THIS TIME, I will give a THIRD very important suggestion regarding topical study of the Bible.
  • The first suggestion to effective studying is be systematic.  The second suggestion is be thorough with your studying.

    The Third suggestion:  Be exact. Find the exact meaning of every passage given in the Textbook on any subject. The way to do this is simple. In the first place note the exact words used. In the next place get the exact meaning of the words used. This is done by finding how the word is used in the Bible. The Bible usage of the word is not always the common use of today. For example, the Bible use of the words "sanctification" and "justification" is not the same as the common use. Then notice what goes before and what comes after the verse. This will oftentimes settle the meaning of a verse when it appears doubtful. Finally see if there are any parallel passages. The meaning of many of the most difficult passages in the Bible is made perfectly plain by some other passages that throws light upon them. Then parallel passages are given in the margin of a good reference Bible and still more fully in The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, a volume worthy of a place in the library of every Bible student. I will share the FOURTH suggestion on next time.

    Again, If these teachings are a blessing to you, please click onto our link, PRAISE AND TESTIMONIAL and let us know.  It will certainly encourage this ministry, as well as help us determine if this ministry is doing all that God has called us to do in these last and evil days.  My prayer is that God bless you and may heaven continue to smile upon you.
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