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Part 3:Methods of Bible Study
PART ONE and Two of this "Method of Bible Study Series" has already covered several points that will absolutely help to produce a life of fruitfulness, for anyone who has a DESIRE to grow in the Word of God. Begin making up in your mind that you will put some time into studying the Word of God daily, then through prayer, ask God to help you to follow through. As you prayerfully follow this study, remember to keep in mind, any book that organizes the Bible into topics can be used with this particular Study Method.

The type of bible Study I have been discussing fills the mind very full of any subject studies.  I want to share with you a true story.  This story is about a gentleman, which I will call his name Mr. Moody.  The  kind of study I have been discussing was his favourite method of studying too.  This gentleman, who I'm referring to as Mr. Moody (from what I understand) once gave several days to the study of "Grace"; When he had finished he was so full of the subject that he rushed out into the street and going up to the first person he met he said: "Do you know anything about Grace?" "Grace who?" the man asked. "The Grace of God that bringeth salvation to anyone who believes that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world." And then the gentleman who I refer to as Mr. Moody, poured out upon that man the rich treasures he had dug out of the Word of God. To be honest, this is a great system and a good way to master any subject and get full of it. Go through the Bible and see what it has to say on this subject. This is easily done. Take your Textbook and turn to the subject. Suppose the subject you desire to study is "Prayer." There will be found a long list of the various passages of Scripture that talk  on prayer.  Look them up one after another and study them prayerfully and carefully to see just what their teaching is. When you have gone through them you will know far more about prayer than you ever knew before, and far more than you could learn by reading any books that men have written about prayer, as profitable as many of these books are. Sometimes it will be necessary to look up other subjects that are closely related to the one in hand. For example, if you wish to study what the teaching of God's Word is regarding the atonement. In this case you will not only look under the heading "Atonement," but also under the heading "Blood," and under the heading "Death of Christ." To do this work a concordance is not necessary but it is often very helpful. Another for instance, if you are studying the subject "Prayer" you can look up from the concordance the passages that contain the words "pray," "prayer," "cry," "ask," "call," "supplication," "intercession," etc. But the Textbook will give most of the passages on any subject regardless of what the words used in the passage may be. Other passages will be found in the section on Bible Doctrines under their proper headings.

There are four important suggestions regarding topical study of the Bible, which will be covered during Part 4 of this series, so keep a watchful eye this summer!

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