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Part 2: Methods of Bible Study
PART ONE of this "Method of Bible Study Series" has already covered 2 points that will absolutely help to produce a life of fruitfulness, for anyone who has a DESIRE to grow in the Word of God: the first point, make up in your mind that you will put some time into studying the Word of God daily; the second is simply to make up your mind to study the Bible. As you prayerfully follow this study, remember to keep in mind, any book that organizes the Bible into topics can be used with this particular Study Method.

The third point is to study the Bible topically. Take up the various subjects treated in the Bible, one by one, and go through the Bible and find what it has to say on these subjects. It may be important to know what the great men have to say on important subjects; however, it is far more important to know what God has to say on particular subjects.  It is important also that you know ALL that God has to say on these subjects.  I personally find that many of us know a part of what God has to say and usually a very small part and so our ideas are very imperfect, one-sided and opinionated.  If we only knew all God had to say on the subject, it would be far better for us, our families, our friends, (yes, even our enemies would benefit)  Matter of fact, God has a lot to say about how we should treat our enemies.  The only way for us to know all God has to say on any subject is for us to go through the Bible on that subject. To do this it is not necessary to read every verse in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  It would be slow work, if we had to do that on every subject we took up.  This would be necessary were it not for topical guides and Concordances.  In concordances and topical bibles, we have the results of the hard work of many minds.  With these, we have the various passages on any subject brought together and classified for use, so that now we can do in a few hours what would otherwise take months or years.  So, we have no excuse not to study!
The topical method of Bible study is simplest, most fascinating and yields the largest immediate results. For the record, I will admit it is not the only method of Bible study, and anyone who pursues it exclusively, they will miss much of the blessing God has for them  (personally) in the Bible. Nevertheless, it is a very interesting and fruitful method of study.  This series will be continued....however there is something that inspired my heart to the point I want to share it with you.  Simply click on the Link, Heart of the pastor.  


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