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Series: "Method of Bible Study"
This Method of Bible Study Series, will cover several points weekly for the next few weeks that will help to produce a life of fruitfulness for anyone who has a desire to grow in God's Word. Please keep in mind, any book that organizes the Bible into topics can be used with this study method. Books in this category include, but are not limited to, Nave's Topical Bible, Thompson's Chain Reference, and Torrey's New Topical Textbook. You can also use a "concordance". Concordances let you quickly look up every occurrence of a particular word in the Bible…

First of all make up your mind that you will put some time every day into the study of the Word of God. That’s an easy resolution to make, and not a very difficult one to keep; if the one who makes it is in earnest. It is one of the most fruitful resolutions that any Christian can and will ever make.  The forming of that resolution and the holding faithfully to it, has been the turning point in many lives.  Many lives that have been barren and unsatisfactory has become rich and useful through the introduction into it of regular, persevering, daily study of the Bible.  This study may not be very interesting at first, the results may not be very encouraging; but, if one will keep pegging away, it will soon begin to count as nothing else has ever counted in the development of character, and in the enrichment of the whole life.  Nothing short of absolute physical inability should be allowed to interfere with this daily study.

It is impossible to make a rule that will apply to everyone as to the amount of time that shall be given each day to the study of the Word.  I know many busy people, who give an hour a day to Bible study, but if one cannot give more than fifteen minutes a great deal can be accomplished.  Wherever it is possible the time set apart for the work should be in the daylight hours.  The very best time is in the early morning hours.  If possible lock yourself in with God alone.

2. Make up your mind to study the Bible. It is astounding how much careless, unmindful and thoughtless reading of the Bible is done. People seem to think that there is some magic power in the book, and that, if they will but open its pages and skim over its words, they will get good out of it. The Bible is good only because of the truth that is in it, and to see this truth demands close attention.  A verse must often-times be read and re-read and read again before the wondrous message of love and power that God has put into it begins is revealed to us.  Words must be turned over and over in the mind before their full force and beauty takes possession of us.  One must look a long time at the great masterpieces of art to appreciate their beauty and understand their meaning, and so one must look a long time at the great verses of the Bible to appreciate their beauty and understand their meaning.

When you read a verse in the Bible ask God, What does this verse mean? Then ask Him: What does it mean for me? When that is answered ask God again: Is that all it means? and do not leave it until you are quite sure that is all it means for the present. You may come back at some future time and God shows that it means yet a great deal more. If there are any important words in the verse weigh them, look up other passages where they are used, and try to get their full significance.  God promises that men are blessed who "meditates" on the Word of God "day and night" (Ps 1:2,3).  A quick skimming over a few verses or many chapters in the Bible is not meditation, and there is not much blessing in it.  Jeremiah said: "Thy words were found and I did eat them." (Jer 15:16).  Nothing is more important in eating than chewing. If one does not properly chew his food, he is quite as likely to get indigestion as nourishment. Don't let anyone chew your spiritual food for you. Insist on doing it for yourself. Any one can be a student who makes up his mind to. It is hard at first but it soon becomes easy. I have seen very dull minds become keen by holding them right down to the grindstone.

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